Ten Commandments of Online Gambling

In the world of gambling...

Some fall prey to the dark side of doing bad things. Keep yourself out of trouble by following these ten commandments.

1. Don’t cheat the system

Just don’t! If you’ve read somewhere you can hack the system to win serious money… never go there, understand? If you think just because you’re online the authorities won’t catch you, well think again. People are behind bars exactly because of this!

2. Stay away from illegal casino operators

Just as you would avoid gang territories where you may get murdered for no reason, it’s not to venture to non-regulated online casinos. Since they are not regulated, there’s no assurance they will honor your disputes and you also might have a hard time getting help from authorities or gambling commissions in case they run with your money. These casinos are difficult to track! You might as well say goodbye to your money if you play with any of them.

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3. Don’t steal to gamble

There’s really no explanation necessary but easy to forget the rules when you’re addicted to gambling, speaking of addiction…

4. Don’t get addicted to gambling

Gambling is meant only as a form of entertainment. Once you get to the dark side of getting addicted, you will start to think of stealing, using savings or money meant for something more important. Luckily, there are institutions willing to help people get out of their gambling addiction.
If you need professional help, please check our Responsible Gaming page.

5. Don’t gamble when you’re angry

When you’re angry your mind is clouded with anger and frustration thus you’re unable to think clearly and may lead to bad betting decisions.

By reading and fully understanding the T&Cs, you also avoid future disappointments or frustrations.

6. Read the Terms & Conditions

You might have been in this situation before, you studied hard for an exam, yet you found out that you failed miserably. It’s because you failed to read the instructions or skipped the instructions because the exam looked familiar. The same goes for online casino games, operators apply different rules to different games.

By reading and fully understanding the T&Cs, you also avoid future disappointments or frustrations. For example, you played a game because of a certain new promotion only to find out your region isn’t part of the qualifying ones.

7. Don’t overdo side bets

Side bets, as promising as they sound in terms of more potential winnings, are designed to get more money out of you. As a newbie, avoid overusing or getting lured to side bets.

8. Avoid playing in public areas

Playing in public not only make others frown, but it can also get you in trouble particularly if it’s not allowed in your country. Think of it as porn, it’s best done in private.

9. Treat online casino staff well

Whether it be dealers, customer support, or managers treat them well and they will take care of you. Abusive customer difficult to deal with, don’t be that kind of customer. If you’re angry, please remember our 5th commandment. Also when you’re angry, you tend to lash out at others.

10. Maintain a good sitting posture

You didn’t expect this to be the last commandment, did you? Apparently sitting for long period of hours is bad for your health. If you already spend most of your time at work, then more sitting hours playing online games may be dangerous.

What you can do is play with your smartphone (so best to check first if your chosen Casino site supports mobile devices!) since you can stand or walk around your house while playing or get a comfy chair that will help you maintain a healthy posture. You can also try stretching every now and then.

Never ignore your health! You should put as much attention to it as you do in learning to become a better casino player. Ignoring your health may lead to you spending your winnings to the hospital.

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