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  • A chance to win exclusive bonuses such as FREE BETS from one of the best online casinos. Or a chance to win special prizes from Gents Casino.
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  • Read Terms and Conditions below.
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*Subscribers must be 18+ or older to join. Read our Privacy Policy details.

Online Quiz Night Mechanics / Terms and Conditions:

  1. Our Quiz Night generally happens every week except for special occasions when there may be more than one Quiz Night per week. Participants may view our schedule ahead of time by clicking here.
  2. Participants need to register to qualify (please refer to General Terms and Conditions below to check if you can join).
  3. Gents Casino may request additional information from any participants to verify whether they can join the upcoming Quiz Night and/or other Gents Casino promotions.
  4. Only twelve (12) participants can join in on a given Quiz Night and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Limit may increase or decrease on a given Quiz Night without prior notice.
  5. Participants will receive emails whether they qualify for the upcoming Quiz Night, if registration for that week is already closed, or if they are not qualified to join. Disqualified participants may be due to violation(s) on any of the Terms and Conditions stated by participating operators and the Gents Casino team.
  6. Participants who weren’t to join the upcoming Quiz Night may receive an email stating he/she can join the upcoming Quiz Night for the following reasons: a) one or more of the qualified participants are unable to join because of personal reasons. b) one or more of the qualified participants have failed to confirm their attendance. c) violation of any of the stated terms and conditions stated here.
  7. Prize(s) for the given upcoming Quiz Night will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or other media channels. Please refer to #3 of the General Terms and Conditions for more details on the prize(s) and offer(s).
  8. Participants cannot join in two consecutive Quiz Nights. For example, if you participated in our Quiz Night last week as well as the Quiz Night this week, you cannot participate on next week’s Quiz Night. However, you may participate again on the Quiz Night after next week. Another way of looking at this, you may only play for two consecutive Quiz Nights.
  9. Quiz Nights will be conducted on any of the following platforms: a) Our official Gents Casino Facebook page or b) Though email threads from [email protected] with subject line: “Gents Casino Quiz Night – <Date of the quiz night>“.
  10. Every Quiz Night plays for four (4) rounds. And eliminated players per round depends on the number of total participants. Please refer to the table below:Quiz Night Participants Table
  11. Each round plays for a maximum of two (2) minutes. Only those correct answers will be considered after the 2 minutes time period. If after the time period, we receive less than the expected correct answers on that given round, we will skip the next round. For example, if on Round 1, out of 12 participants, only 3 sent in the right answers within the time period, we will skip Round 2 as there will only be 3 qualified participants.
  12. One (1) trivia question is asked per round except for the Final Round which will be best of three (3). The first participant to get two right answers will win.
  13. The winner will be announced on our official social media pages.
  14. General Terms and Conditions Apply.

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Any participants must be 18 years old or older. No minors allowed!
  2. Any participants must be fully aware of gambling laws of his or her jurisdiction.
  3. Exclusive offers from casinos may vary depending on the following: a) Participating casino operators at the time the participants joined the Quiz Night Promotion; b) The bonuses or offers the participating casinos have agreed to provide e.g. exclusive welcome bonuses, free bets, free spins, etc. at that given period. c) Whether the casino operator has a license to do business in the participants’ jurisdiction.
  4. The terms and conditions of casino operators supersede our own terms and conditions, hence;
  5. Casino operators reserve the right to decline any bonuses or offers to any participants they believe have violated their terms and conditions.
  6. Gents Casino also reserves the right to decline any participants who do not qualify to receive our prizes.
  7. By submitting your personal details, you fully agree to the terms and conditions stated above. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] with Subject line: “Question on GC’s Quiz Night“.